What Is Wonder?

Wonder is a state of curiosity – a perpetual desire to discover and do something new. As a school, Wonder is a belief that every child that walks through our doors has the ability to find a calling and change the world.

We believe that education is preparation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. And for today’s students, what lies ahead is a future that is drastically different than the world we live in now. Students today will be responsible for creating that future, and to be prepared for that task, how and what they learn must transform to meet those challenges. We’ve created Wonder for that reason.  To help students find their calling and prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We do this by challenging them to take ownership in their learning and to put it into practice by solving complex real-world problems using critical thinking, creation, collaboration, and innovation.

We seek to help bring up a generation of doers – leaders, creators, innovators, inventors and discoverers.

Our Approach

  • Mixed Ages

    Our studios are designed with an understanding that ability is not determined by age and that in an open environment, students naturally learn from other students with different interests, skills, and ability levels.

  • Projects With Purpose

    Wonders will focus on solving real-world problems, pressing issues that reflect the world around us.  These projects bring together multiple disciplines and engage students by allowing each to focus on areas of individual interest and ability.

  • Mastery Focused

    At Wonder, our students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, allowing them to excel quickly in areas of strength and take the time to learn thoroughly before moving on in others. This allows each student to continually be challenged by their work.

  • Learner-Driven

    We believe that children are capable of far more than they are tasked with today. By challenging students to independently set and attain personal learning goals, with a long-term orientation, they gain ownership in their work and are able to realize their true potential.

  • Experienced Guidance

    Our Studio Coaches are lifelong learners, experienced in their fields, and passionate about the work they do.  Students at Wonder will learn alongside entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, designers and advanced students from a wide range of disciplines.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

Albert Einstein

Our Plan

wonder will be opening studios One (ages 3-7) and Two (ages 7–11) in the Fall of 2018.

Wonder One

Wonder One will operate as an authentic Montessori environment focusing on whole child development – cognitive, physical, emotional, and social - with an emphasis on exploring and discovering natural interests. Students in One will be introduced to the goal setting and independent learning skills needed to thrive in future studios.

Wonder Two

Wonder Two will build on students' Montessori skills while engaging them in Projects with Purpose and Mastery based core skills - computer science, reading, writing, and math - using the top proven and challenging tech-based learning tools.  Projects will focus on complex interdisciplinary problems, ethical dilemmas, and simulations requiring deep critical thinking, heavy collaboration, and unique creative solutions.

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Our Inspiration

Innovative learning designs are gaining traction across the country as parents seek to better prepare their children for what the future holds. We were no different.  We saw the challenges that will face our children in the future and looked for solutions that would prepare them to turn those challenges into opportunities. We took time to research, visit, learn from and partner with schools across the country that are leading in this movement by implementing some of the most advanced student-centered learning practices.  Wonder is the product of that work, a coming together of the most innovative learning models across the country. 

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