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3 Treasures for Families on a Hero's Journey

By Zach Lahn on January 26, 2022

I have discovered three treasures over the past years as the common in families who thrive on their hero’s journeys at Wonder. By thriving, I mean the families who optimistically and courageously face challenges, eagerly learning together and growing closer in relationship to each other.

I share them here for any family who wants to resist the popular theme of being overly busy, continuously plugged in, and barely hanging on day-to-day. These treasures are for those who want to pluck the goodness out of daily life and rise to a state of existence that includes joy, peace, deeper relationships, personal transformation and a hearty acceptance of struggle as a part of life on earth. Enjoy!

1. Gratitude Journal: Establishing a ritual of gratitude in your family is simple yet has a powerful impact over time. Grab a blank journal or a pad of paper and every day record each family member’s bit of gratitude. Bonus challenge: you can’t repeat what you’ve already recorded.

2. Great Family Conversations: Choose one meal a week for a conversation game. Let each person be in the spotlight for a bit and dig deeply to work to pull stories from each other’s day. You can find all sorts of resources online for starting good conversations.

3. Family Big Rocks: Part of enjoying the family journey more is reflecting on who you are as a family and what you want your family to do and be. Writing your family plan includes thinking about your priorities, your focus or what we like to call your “big rocks.”

[Blogs or portion of blogs may be adapted from the blog of our partner school founder and advisor, Laura Sandefer.]