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Top 10 Wonder Practices That Changed My Family's Life

By Zach Lahn on April 27, 2022

Nearly four years after starting a school it is clear Wonder has not just saved my children, it has saved my family.

All along, the best Wonder practices from the studios were organically oozing into our life at home. And they’ve stuck.

This isn’t what I thought was happening when I was in the thick of Freedom Levels, Honor Codes, Transition Contracts, Exhibitions and Badge Plans.

But the dust has settled and I can breathe and see – deeply and clearly.

My family is knit together with the principles and practices we gathered from our Wonder journey so far. I hope my Top 10 list helps you squeeze the most out of Wonder while you can.

#1: Fresh Eyes.

Inspired by Maria Montessori’s principles of observation and teaching, Wonder guides make an intentional practice of seeing every learner with “fresh eyes” each day. This means not carrying into today any frustrations or judgments from yesterday. It means dropping any labels you may project onto a child. According to Montessori, “fresh eyes” also means being fully present with a child. A multi-tasking adult, easily misses the cues a child is giving.

In our home, this was was a freeing perspective for me as a parent and spouse. Each day is new. “Fresh eyes” helped me let go of the mistakes or frustrations from yesterday giving everyone a break from my critiquing self. “Fresh eyes” helped me be fully present and receive the unspoken messages from my children – which undoubtedly were the most important.

[Blogs or portion of blogs may be adapted from the blog of our partner school founder and advisor, Laura Sandefer.]